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Mit Infrarot heizen - modern und unkomliziert!

Calorique Infrared Heating Foil Underfloor Heating

103,95 €

inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt. & ggf. Porto


Calorique® underfloor infrared heating foil set

Say No to cold winter temperatures and rising cost of electricity bills by installing heating panels under the floors in your home. The infrared heating elements convert the electrical energy directly into warmth. The quick and efficient conversion of energy into warmth ist absolutely convincing for any type of use of our infrared heating foil. We offer a 15 years warranty for this quality product.
Enjoy up to 30 years of warmth and comfort maintenance free:Calorique is committed to manufacturing the most trustworthy products in the home comfort industry. Our high quality infrared heating foil can be combined with almost every floor covering and building material. The thickness of 0,3 mm allows the use of the infrared heating foil for many kinds of renovation works. The carrier material is flexible but robust and non-flammable. The infrared heating foil doesn’t generate any powerful electromagnetic fields (EMF). The special all-over screen of the heating surface is possible to use as an additional option.

Calorique® infrared heating foil is perfect for those who suffer with allergies: there is no circulation of dust or pathogens generated.

The following special application areas are possible:

  • Underfloor heating: main heating or additional source of heat
  • Wall and ceiling heating
  • Automatic snow melting system
  • Heating for camper vans and yachts
  • Mirror anti-fog heating
  • Root area heating in agriculture
  • Warmth for domestic animals such as reptiles or pets
  • Heating for barrels and tanks

The infrared heating foil set 3,0 m² US100-150 includes:

  • 3,0 rm infrared heating foil US100-150
  • 2 clamps FC1001
  • 0,3 rm electrical insulator 3M (6 pcs 3,8*5 cm)
  • 6,0 rm cable (3,0 m black+3,0 m blue)

103,95 €

inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt. & ggf. Porto

103,95 €

inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt. & ggf. Porto